Bartenders Collective Roadmap

Our Roadmap out of lockdown  to a Great Party!

Come the 17th of May you will be able to invite 29 of your friends around for a Garden Party.

The Birthdays, Anniversary, Christmas parties, think of all the celebrations you have missed at this point even if you just got divorced you have probably got something to celebrate.

Here are some tips for a great party!

Don’t Be Afraid to Invite a Circus (albeit a small one at the moment)

Be brave with your guest list, and mix as many as you can rope in. The work colleagues you have only seen in a Teams Meeting for the last 5 months, the neighbour who went shopping for you when you had to self-isolate, the crazy football mates you have not seen on the terraces for the last year. Consider the idea that as a host your suddenly in the business of serving people to one another, The social interactions we have missed so much.

Upend the Party Formula

People get hung up on trying to do things right, and they lose the point of a party, which is to have fun.

It is great to plan ahead but its also great to have surprises, bring out the Swing-ball set, no one’s seen those for years, got an acoustic guitar leave it out to see who can play… let the party flow.


Give Your Guests Something to Do

Most people like to play an active role at a party. You can harness this impulse to your advantage.

Give them someone to meet, to take care of and maybe a chore like can you make sure the plates are cleared (a friend with OCD), or the friend who loves wine and would love to tell everyone what grape variety the Chablis is and the benefits of it being Biodynamic, get them to top up the wines.

This frees up your time allowing you to enjoy your party!

Music Matters

This is your party’s backbeat, hire a DJ or it is so easy now to grab mixes by great DJs from Spotify etc.

Put about 10 hours of music together you could always ask a friend to make the playlist

We recommend these Albums or Mixes

Mr. Scruff -Keep it Real – Nu Jazz great early evening

Jon Sa Trinxa – Music for Dreams Vol 2 – early evening -Ibiza beach party…

Dimitri from Paris – Chic – tracks 1 to 10 will get them up dancing.

Kruder & Dorfmeister -K&D Sessions – tracks by Roni Size, Depeche Mode, David Holmes

2 Many DJ’s – As heard on Radio Soulwax pt 2 – really gets the party started.

Just have fun


 Embrace Wretched Excess

Lots of food, lots of drink and lots of ice and garnishes are key; it is a bore to run out of anything. More is more fun.

If you run out of anything like wine or beers or ice it means a trip to the shop’s so someone misses out on the fun… hopefully they all bring a bottle along but tell them to bring Ice and limes & lemons as well.

There is always a guest or 2 that arrives late maybe they had work commitments so keep a platter of tapas in the fridge for them.


Plan your Bar

Give us a call whether you need just a bartender or a full-service bar this is where we excel.

Lots of options and themes. Whether you require a mixologist or a flair bartender, themes such as Tiki (Rum based cocktails), Prohibition (1920’s style), Disco, molecular cocktails for dinner parties.

Everything can be tailor made for your ideal party and budget.

Have fun and stay safe.

The Team@ Bartenders Collective